Baffle Box Design

Baffle Box Design

Do you pay attention to structure when buying a down comforter?

If you're in the market for a new down comforter, you might be wondering if the look of the down comforter will match the style of your bedroom. But comforter aren't just about looks; if you're not paying attention, you could be sleeping under a nice piece of fabric that won't keep you warm or comfortable.

When it comes to duvets, the structure is just as important as appearance, and this is something you should consider when purchasing as it affects how well the filling stays in place and therefore how warm it is to sleep on.

All quilts have at least three layers: a top layer of fabric, a layer of padding (usually made of down and other fluffy and warm materials), and a bottom layer, also made of fabric. When no design is applied to the filler, the filler can move around as you use and wash the comforter, which can cause it to clump or cake, have uneven coverage, and cause the comforter to lose warmth and shape over time.

Let's take a look at the two most common comforter constructions: a sewed-through box and a baffle box.

Baffle Box Construction

The baffle box structure holds the quilt filling in place by combining the filling blocks into a square. Manufacturers create compartments for down or other filling by inserting thin strips of fabric vertically between the top and bottom layers of a quilt. These compartments are basically cloth boxes to keep things padded. The quilt in this construction will feature a checkerboard pattern that looks almost like a pile of soft square pillows sewn together.

Sewn-Through Construction

Unlike a baffle box construction, sewn-thru construction does not have the thinner strips of fabric in between the upper and lower comforter shells. Because two covers on a sewn-through comforter are attached directly to one another, filling is reduced around areas where stitches are running (whereas the vertical fabric of a baffle box allows the filling to remain uniformly thick across the entire comforter, including around the stitch lines).

    Baffle Box Design

    Warmkisshome Comforters Design Structure

    With a sewn-through comforter, the design is exactly what it sounds like. All our Luxury Down Comforters by WARMKISSHOME feature beautiful casings, and are made using the Baffle Box Design, which optimizes the loft of our Goose Down, which is harvested by hand. Recommended for those who keep the temperature in their bedroom around 62-72 degrees, this baffle box-style down comforter allows for the ultimate loft from our hand-selected White Goose Down. 

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