What is Down & Feather?

What is Down & Feather?


Waterfowls are the birds that living on the water surface such as domestic ducks, domestic geese, wild ducks, swan, and graylags. Waterfowls usually have long flat chests and well-developed oil glands in their tails. They are good at swimming by using their webbed feet. Waterfowls can float on the water surface because of their feathers and down contain grease composition, which can protect them from getting wet. Waterfowl down and feathers usually have high resilience performance and excellent fill power.


What is feather?

Waterfowl feathers grow on the scarfskin, mostly on the necks, backs, and tails, which will help the waterfowls resist harsh weathers. In feather there is a curved inward quill, soft barbs on both sides, thousands of tiny barbs are crowded on the shaft.

Waterfowl feathers

What is down?

Down is the plumage forming the undercoating of waterfowl, consisting of tufts of light fluffy filaments(. g barbs)growing out of the cluster core without any quill shaft. Waterlow down contains down cluster, half down, plumule down and damaged down. Waterfowls need down and feathers to keep their body temperature.


    How to judge natur down and fake down?

      • Natural Down 
    • Glue down- is the counterfeit down material that applies glue agent to stick the loose feather fiber, down fiber, and fow feather with natural down clusters. Glue down appeared to have a similar fill power performance with natural down. To create the glue down, people need to crush the feathers into feathers fibers and use them as ingredients, then mix the feather fiber ingredients with natural down clusters. After mixing, they add in glues to stick the feather fibers with down clusters,then dry it as same as the natural down.
    • Down alternative Down alternative is a kind of ultrafine polyester fiber with small density and silicon oil cover, this kind of polyester fiber has smooth hand feel but easy to twine with each other. It is 100% polyester material and it has no relation with natural down.
    Down alternative

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