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  • This is the second mattress topper that we've tried and it is so cozy! It's very thick and the "sections" on it are large, so it feels like you're laying on pillows. The reason we got a mattress topper was because my lower back had been hurting from our mattress, but I haven't had any back pain since sleeping on this! I definitely recommend giving it a try if your mattress needs some new life to it.

    Kaylie T
  • Staying in a condo while I'm waiting for my house to be ready to move in... the furnished condo has a firm bed that I wasn't a fan of... this mattress topper made all the difference! Would highly recommend!

    Michelle M
  • It is a lot thicker than I expected! I bought 2 and I can't explain the level of comfort, literally feels like I am on a cloud. It is vacuum sealed, but I just let it sit for a few hours and it was fine! There was no weird smell which was a bonus! I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to have a more comfortable bed without actually having to buy a new mattress.

    Megan A.
  • We love the mattress topper, good quality and very cooling to sleep.

    Matthew D
  • AAmazing pillows, just like a hotel! My husband is usually a picky pillow person and he loved loved loved these. It's so nice this day and age to be able to buy something nice and quality that you can afford. Not everyone has the budget to spend hundreds on dream bedding. You won't lose any sleep after this spend.

    Nicole A
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