Down Product Care Instructions

Down Product Care Instructions

Down comforter care instructions

  •  Before you use the new duvet, tile the duvet on the bed, make sure they fully recover from the package shape. Then, if possible, hang the duvet outside to release the smell.
  •  Duvet cover (protector) is always recommended.
  •  Bag and store the down duvet in the cool & dry place, when it is not expected to be used in a long time. Do not vacuum pack the duvet.
  •  If the entire duvet gets dirty and needs to be washed, we suggest you send it to the dry-cleaning shop, instead of wash it by your washing machine at home. The fill power of the down cluster could be damaged by inappropriate treatment.
  •  When part of the down duvet needs to be washed, simply apply the down detergent with warm water, then squeeze it dry when the washing process is completed. Down duvet needs to be dried in the tumble dryer or under the sunlight. Gently pat the duvet. Otherwise, down clusters are easily broken down to the fibers, which will affect the insulation performance of the duvet.

Down/ Feather pillow care instructions 

Our saliva and sweat could seep into the pillow during our sleep, causing the breeding of bacteria, allergies, and diseases. Therefore, we suggest that you not only change the pillowcase every month but also wash your pillow every 3-6 months.

Washing Tips:

  • Wash with mild detergent
  • Put the pillow into the solution of washing powder and keep washing and squeezing the pillow with your hand until the pillow is clean and squeezed dry.
  • Rinse the pillow until the pillow is clean, then squeeze out the excess water. Use the dryer if available.
  • Lay the pillow flat for airing, after one side is almost dry, turn the pillow to another side to maintain its softness and fill power.

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