Thread Count Guide

Thread Count Guide

If you have purchased sheets multiple times, you may have noticed that many sheets (especially those claiming to be of high quality) have a thread count listed. More threads seem better, but at least that's the common sense many of us know. But is this true? Are more threads better? How many threads?

What Does Thread Count Mean?

So what does thread count mean? Sheet thread count refers to the number of threads (strands of fabric) per square inch of fabric. This is calculated by counting the number of horizontal threads and the number of vertical threads that make up the weave of the fabric.

Is a Higher Thread Count Better?

A higher thread count is usually associated with higher-quality textiles, since that is thought to make a sheet softer and longer-lasting -- but the truth is, other factors, such as the fiber quality and weave, are much more important. Some manufacturers will crimp two or more finer threads before weaving, which allows them to count these threads twice. To circumvent a ruling by the Federal Trade Commission, manufacturers may put multiple threads (picks) in the weft, increasing thread counts without improving sheet quality or the hand -- how a cloth feels. When you see counts higher than 300 for percale or 600 for sateen, it sometimes means the manufacturers are using plies - the number of individual yarns that are spun together into yarns -- to artificially boost the thread count, meaning counting a yarn with two plies as two threads rather than just one.

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      What is the Best Thread Count for Sheets? 

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        The optimal number of threads varies depending on the type of fabric and the method of weaving. Percale, also known as "plain weave", is a simple pattern with one top and one bottom, so an average quality sheet of percale has around 180-200 threads. In contrast, satin weaves have a tighter woven pattern, so satin sheets average closer to 250-300.

        Here is a basic range of quality thread counts for panels of different materials:

          • Cotton 200-400
          • Egyptian cotton 300-400
          • Percale 200-400
          • Sateen 300-600

        As far as the covering fabrics of WARMKISS Bedding's pillows, quilts, bedspreads and other bedding products are concerned, the pure cotton material 400tc is the best in the market in terms of thread count. The pure cotton product is breathable, and the high-tech 400 yarn count provides enough soft touch.

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