Production Process

Production Process



Q1: Where do the down and feathers for my products come from?
A1: The down and feather filling used in beddings, apparels, and outdoor equipment are natural byproducts from the food industry. The waterfowls are bred for meat purpose, not for their feathers. Agricultural waste has been significantly reduced since the down & feathers are used as natural insulation materials. 75% of the down & feather materials used for down products in the
world come from China, since the ducks and geese are common daily ingredients in the Chinese kitchen.

Q2: How are down and feather products sanitized?
A2: Down and feather raw materials must be washed and processed before they are used in beddings, apparels, and outdoor equipment. They have been thoroughly washed and sanitized to remove the dirt, oil, and bacteria. They are completely dried by high temperature, separated and mixed based on the quality required. All down and feather products must meet the sanitation requirements of the destination country when they are involved in international trades.




Q: Why should I choose down and feather products?
A: Down and feather beddings are warm, light, and eco-friendly, compares to synthetic materials which are extracted from petroleum. The down and feathers used in beddings, apparels, and outdoor equipment are natural, renewable, and sustainable. Ounce for ounce, down is the best insulation material, providing extremely warmness with lightweight, it also absorbs moisture released from the human body. Its breathable, durable, and excellent resilience performance. With proper storage and care instructions, the service life for down and feather products could last for decades.

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