Stay Home, Save Lives

Stay Home, Save Lives

The pandemic of COVID-19 has spread rapidly across California. The true number of people infected is uncertain and potentially much higher than official tallies, experts say.

The Times is undertaking an independent, continual survey of hundreds of local health departments across the state to better understand the spread of the virus. 43 of the 61 departments have announced new numbers so far today.


The new regional stay-at-home order is being introduced by California Gov. Newsom. The order would require bars, wineries, hair salons and other non-essential businesses to close for 3 weeks across 5 areas once the ICU ability of the region falls below 15%.


The introduction of the Stay at home policy requires more attention to the comfort of indoor products. Especially in the bedding which occupies one-third of the time every day.

Sleep is an important feature that helps your mind and body to recover, leaving you alert and refreshed when you wake up. Healthy sleep also allows the body to stay healthy and avoid illnesses. The brain can not function properly without enough sleep. This can affect the ability to focus, think clearly, and process memories.

Most adults deserve a nightly sleep of about 7-9 hours. Children and teenagers, especially if they are younger than 5 years of age, need significantly more sleep. Work schedules, day-to-day stressors, a disruptive atmosphere in the bedroom, and medical conditions can all prevent adequate sleep from being given to us.A balanced diet and good lifestyle habits may help ensure a sufficient amount of sleep every night, but the first sign of a sleep problem could be a persistent lack of sleep for others.

Therefore, the choice of bedding is particularly important. A healthy, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic down duvet and pillow from Warmkiss can improve your sleep and accompany you through a warm winter. Why not try it? Come on!

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