The Best Choice for Lightweight Cooling Down Comforters in Summer

The Best Choice for Lightweight Cooling Down Comforters in Summer

It is very annoying to wake up soaked in sweat on a summer night and not be able to fall back asleep. If you're a hot sleeper, your favorite winter comforter can start making your bed feel less like a sanctuary and more like a sauna. The easiest solution is to change a summer cooling comforter that keeps you cool at night avoid night sweats.


Are Down Comforters Suitable for Summer?

In general, down comforters are a warmer comforter and best suited for cooler conditions. In some instances, they are a very suitable option for summer months. This will largely depend on the person whose temperature while sleeping as well as the materials of the down comforter.

Can I use a Down Comforter in Summer?

The answer is it depends on the person.

Someone who tends to be hot or often sweat at night would probably thinks  down comforters are too warm. If you want to buy real down comforter in summer, opt for a lower fill weight because down clusters will trap body heat. A lightweight down blanket with breathable fabric might be suitable in a cooler room.

For those who find air-conditioned rooms too cool or prefer to sleep warmer, a lightweight down comforter would be perfect! With lightweight and gentle warmth, down blankets are very suitable for use in a cooler air-conditioned summer bedroom or chilly evening on the couch for movie night. While being lightweight, the insulating power of down keeps you comfortable, but not too warm for a cooler room even in summer. A cooling down comforter is multifunctional and easy care (machine wash and dry at home), suitable for multiple seasons, including summer!

Lightweight summer comforters

A lightweight summer comforter. Usually available in either down or down alternative varieties, the best summer blankets provide all of the fluff but avoid night sweats. Do you think it's time to change to a lightweight summer cooling comforter that will keep you cool all night? We have a lightweight summer comforter and a blanket in four colors that suitable for various styles of bedrooms. 

  • Warmkiss lightweight summer down comforter feels like sleeping in a cloud. The 100% cotton shell is filled with breathable grey down and has a sewn-through construction that means the down filling won't shift around as you move, get the cozy feel without overheating.

This bed blanket is available in 4 colors—White, Grey, Blue, Green, and 2 sizes-Queen and King. It is certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. For parents or pet owners, the fact it’s hypoallergenic and machine washable is a major perk too.

  • Warmkiss down blanket is filled with 75% Grey Down and covered with 100% polyester peach skin, providing you cozy sleeping like surrounded with the cloud. It is specially designed for traveling. It can be rolled up and put into a storage bag, portable and efficient. Or you can create a cozy nest at home.

This blanket is available in 4 colors: Grey, Khaki, Navy, Red. Item Size is 50”*70”, the storage bag is 6.3”*15.5”. It is certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. But mostly, it can be packed right down into a convenient carry case.



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