After a long use of the pillow, in addition to accumulating a lot of stains, grease and dead skin cells that can cause acne, it is also easy to hide dust mites. Dust mites like the gaps on the pillow most. They can induce allergies or asthma in people with allergies.


WebMD, the largest medical and health service website in the United States, pointed out that if your pillow is past its prime, it may contain skin cells, mold, mildew, fungus, and dust mites, which make up more than half of an older pillow's weight. Don't know how to clean down pillows? Not sure if pillows can be thrown into the washing machine? How to make the pillow dry after washing? The following will take you to understand how to wash and dry pillows, and give you a clean and refreshing sleep experience.


1. Can Down Pillows Be Washed?

The answer is yes. And feather & down pillows are easy to clean. Its natural filling is not only soft, but also supportive and easy to maintain. Keeping pillows clean is good for your skin and hair, and you can also extend their lifespan by washing them regularly. The key to washing pillows is to fully rinse and dry them because of their thickness and density.

2. How Often Do I Wash the Pillow?

First of all, regardless of the material of the pillow, the pillowcase must be replaced every 1 to 2 weeks. Daily clothes are cleaned every day, let alone the pillowcases that with saliva and sweat. It is recommended to prepare 2-3 sets of pillowcases to be replaced in turn and wash them frequently to effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria and dust mites.

Generally, it is recommended to clean the pillow once every 3 to 6 months. Pillow cores are divided into many materials: cotton, chemical fiber, latex, down pillows, etc. Each material has different cleaning restrictions, please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

3. Washing and Care Instructions

Hand Wash

  • Wash with mild detergent
  • Put the pillow into the solution of washing powder and keep washing and squeezing the pillow with your hand until the pillow is clean and squeezed dry.
  • Rinse the pillow until the pillow is clean, then squeeze out the excess water.

Machine Wash

  • Always wash two pillows at a time to keep your washer balanced on the spin cycle
  • Recommeded cold warter. Please be aware that some shrinkage of the fabric can occur with warm or hot water
  • Use the gentle speed to avoid damaging down cluster as possible
  • Add an extra rinse cycle to make sure all the soap is gone
  • mild detergent without additives

Dry down or feather pillows

  • It is recommended to dry at low temperature to prevent the fabric from shrinking or damaging the down. 
  • Lay the pillow flat for airing, after one side is almost dry, turn the pillow to another side to maintain its softness and fill power. 
  • It is necessary to ensure that it is completely dry and that there is no clumping or odor to prevent mold.

Re-fluffing Your Pillow After Washing

Be sure to re-fluff your pillow when you first get it since they get compressed in shipping. You can also follow these steps any time you want to revive your pillow.


Please note: It is not recommended to frequently wash down pillow, so as not to damage the feathers. Using a pillow protector is a great way to keep your pillow cleaner for longer without having to wash it. It’s a small investment to try it out to see for sure. One thing we know is that pillow comfort is extremely individual and nothing replaces feeling it yourself.


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